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Need a unique design made? Virginia Pewtersmith artisans can create custom items just for you.
exhibiting at The Bizarre Bazaar
exhibiting at The Bizarre Bazaar

Old Traditions & New Beginnings

Jim Vanderwerff, owner of Virginia Pewtersmith, takes great pride in a rich tradition of craftsmanship that spans four generations of family owners. The craftsman offers unique pewter gifts and ornaments.

The popularity of pewter traces back to early colonial times, as newly arrived colonists brought the malleable alloy from England. Considered somewhat of a luxury item, by 1610, pewter made its first appearance here in America in nearby Jamestown.

While old pewter used to contain lead, these days, it’s lead-free! Pewter contains mainly tin and traces of copper, antimony, or other hard metals. This keeps it at a price point significantly less than gold or even silver.

Virginia Pewtersmith recently closed the Williamsburg Store. However, continue production of all of the pewter products! Orders can be sent by email and over the phone. Shipping and delivery are available, and we will continue to use Taylor Made as a pickup point for our Richmond and Midlothian friends.

We will still be at the craft shows, so come see us! Events will be posted on our Facebook page. 

exhibiting at The Bizarre Bazaar

The Perfect Valentine’s Gifts

Contact Virginia Pewtersmith to find unique gifts for your Valentine!

 A Local Family Owned Business

Virginia Pewtersmith is a family run business that has served Chesterfield and the rest of Virginia since 1994. Four generations of families have provided their clients with high-quality products. 

First the Gaveley’s, then the Mouro’s, then the Moe family. Now the Vanderwerff family is pleased to continue the tradition. Along with their craftsmen/artists, they will create your special gift in fine pewter.

Please feel free to browse the site and examine the Virgina Pewtersmith products or contact them to have their artisans create a custom item for you.


Virginia Pewtersmith has a wide variety of angel ornaments. 

WM JMU Pewter Chess Set Board
WM JMU Pewter Chess Set football cheer

Please contact our family if you have any questions.